Stuttering / Stalling out of the box, among other issues

  • So I probably need to RMA this printer, but I figured I would ask the community first.

    So issue 1. The LCD is dead. There's no power to the controls as far as I can tell either. The reset switch doesn't respond 90% of the time, the knob doesn't do anything, and the LCD is dead.

    Issue 2. The Pulse XE connected automatically to Matter Control exactly 1 time before becoming unresponsive and cause some sort of alarming, but that could have been from the UPS. I moved the printer to a much beefier UPS and tried again.

    Alas, the printer cannot be connected to automatically anymore. So I manually select COM port 6 and connect.
    Slice, start the print.

    Issue 3: It stutters every few seconds. Terminal says "Busy: Processing" at those moments.

    Issue 4: I also noticed the terminal indicates either the software or the firmware on the printer are checking for an SD Card almost the same time I get the stalls saying "Busy: Processing". A lot of the time you see the two messages next to each other.

    As of right now, day 1 with this printer, it is DOA. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Remediation: I did try another USB cable, manually connecting and different baud rates, and even tried different USB ports. I also rebooted the PC just in case. Nothing helps so far.

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