Flame Retardant / Flame Proof Filament

  • Greetings!

    I'm new to MH forums but I've been 3D printing since about 2016. I started as casually printing small parts but found a market for adaptations for drivers with disabilities. Some of the devices I've made include mirror knob adapters and steering-wheel modifications which allow drivers with disabilities to drive more safely and comfortably as many take to the roads with little or no modification to account for their limitations.

    One of the chief concerns for some of the larger 3D printed parts is the concern about parts being flammable and toxic.
    ABS seems like the most obvious triggers in terms of toxic vapors / smoke when burning.

    I'm curious if there are specific filaments here at MH or elsewhere which would be viable.

    Currently my printers are running PLA and PETG very nicely, but I'm also experimenting with BPET / HTPET+, HTPLA, and I JUST got a Pulse XE so I'll be experimenting with Nylon soon, assuming I can troubleshoot the LCD. Higher temp filaments are obviously better. HTPET+ prints at 270c. A high Glass Transition Temp would be desireable as parts printed from these filaments will be installed in vehicles.

    If you know of any flame retardant / flame proof filaments, I would be very interested. Thank you in advance.

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