Attempting to upgrade from 1.5

  • Only have windows 7. Will V2.x work at all?

    I attempted to install it in a directory other that where 1.5 is, and the installer did not object. However on startup:


    Is there a solution? Someone suggested a printer profile is missing. Robo3D r1+ (ish).

    I would install Linux and dedicate a PC rather that go to Windows 10.

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    If you are having a problem with MatterControl that is not fixed by re-installing, you may need to delete some of the data that MatterControl saves on your computer. This data will persist, even if MatterControl is uninstalled so remove that folder if you want to completely reset MatterControl to a clean slate. You can also temporarily rename the SQLite database file (MatterControl.db) to see if your settings are the cause of a problem.


    MatterControl keeps the user's library and settings in C:Users{user}AppDataLocalMatterControl.

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    @joea If you are going to use Linux to run MatterControl, use Linux Mint 20.2 Edge edition. I have used this to run MatterControl successfully.

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