Trouble adding X & Y probe offsets

  • I have been using MatterControl exclusively for a long time now, as my slicer and for designing and modifying with very good success. I recently installed a BL Touch on my Ender 3, wish I had done it a long time ago. I have been able to set the Z probe offset because there is a setting for that on the printer itself but not for X & Y probe offsets. I put the offsets in the "printer" tab of MatterControl (I do not use MatterControl to control my printer but I export the Gcode file to a AstroBox Touch) and the offsets do not show up in the resulting Gcode (I wish they would unless I am doing something wrong). I have tried adding the offsets manually to the Gcode with the line "M851 x-44 y-9 ; probe offsets" but that doesn't work either. Am I missing something? Does it matter where in the Gcode file I put the line? The BL Touch works good now but would probably be even better if it took measurements where the extruder will actually be.

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