Twist - Merge Issue

  • I've created a twist object and I'm attempting to Merge it with another object.

    When I choose 'Combine' both objects disappear.
    When I choose 'Subtract' and choose the 'twist', it disappears, leaving the other object unaffected.
    When I choose 'Subtract' and choose the other object, both objects disappear.

    Is this supposed to happen? I can't see the point if so. Am I missing a step? All my other subtracts and combines work as expected.


  • MatterHackers

    The Combine and Subtract operations are very sensitive to geometry being manifold or water tight. The Twist operation often produces non-manifold geometry that can be a problem for these functions. We are working on a new method to do object merging that should address these issues. This new method will also work on Mac and Linux where the current method does not.

    We currently expect this to be release in mid August.

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