Custom autolevel method not working

  • Autoleveling seems like a good idea in mattercontrol's implementation. As long as you are not printing full beds. I've found mattercontrol leaves big gaps around the edges when doing autoleveling probes, which leads to poor skirts and first layers near the edges. Until today's update I had 60mm unprobed on the +x side of the bed. Well that is 'fixed'. Now it only leaves 30mm unprobed. Bad news is now the left side probes at x25 leaving 55mm unprobed with my 30mm probe offset in x. why? disappointing in that obviously some work was done on this in the latest update but still left in a confused state.

    I have tried using 'custom' under 'autoleveling solution' and have never found any combination of point specifications that have ever probed at all. homes, extends probe, lowers to z10, and stops. cancel works, machine is not hung, just can't be bothered to show an error message.

    has anyone been able to make 'custom' work? why can't matter control take a bed size, a probe offset and make intelligent decisions?

  • MatterHackers

    Thanks for the feedback. We have created an issue for both these issues and will get them fixed.

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