No luck getting Matter Control to work on Mint?

  • I can't seem to get any version of Matter Control to function in Linux Mint. I've tried Mint v18, 19 and now 20. Seems to install OK with no errors. Appears in the menu OK, but when I run it there's nothing. No errors, no logs, just nothing. Done some research to troubleshoot and tried to install/remove/re-install Mono, then Matter Control, but no effect. Without anything to go on, I'm at a loss. What am I missing?

  • I am having the same issue. I have tried installing the package directly, and building it from source. When installed via the package, it simple won't start without any error messages. When compiled from source the error message seems to suggest a requirement for windows visual basic version 10 or higher that is not being satisfied.

  • Yes it is possible to run MatterControl on Linux Mint. I actually prefer to run it on Linux Mint Debian edition as it is more stable. Not all of the functionality is available on the Linux version of MatterControl, but most of it is there and it runs much more stable than from Windows.

    Take a minute to watch the video I listed below:

  • I have tried this method, and like the standard package installer it installs without issue in Mint, but the program does not start.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @timtitan Are you running Nvidia drivers on your Mint version?

  • @timtitan Ok, try this: Open Administration > Driver manager. Select xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (open-sorce) version 1:1.0.16-1. Reboot.
    Mattercontrol should now work in Mint 20.

    Also, you may wish to set your anti-analyzing setting in Mattercontrol from 8 to 0. usr/lib/mattercontrol/appsettings.json
    You will need to open the folder with root permissions (right click, open as root, enter password). Open in Xed terminal program, change FSAA from 8 to 0. Log out and back in.

    "FSAASamples": 0

    MatterControl Linux Support

    Development/Running on Linux

    MatterControl - Github

  • @tinken Ah is there an incompatibility with the Nvidia drivers? Unfortunately I use CUDA for quite a bit of my programming work, so I need the Nvidia drivers. Is there a way to enforce a compatibility mode?

  • The incompatibility is only with Nvidia Linux drivers. Drivers from Nvidia are not open source. So the problem is your choice of drivers. If you are running your printer directly from MatterControl, then you should have a separate computer with Radeon just for that.

    I run MatterControl on a separate computer with Linux Mint Debian Edition installed. This is the most stable platform other than running pure Debian.

  • @tinken Ok, thank you. As I said I use CUDA for work, which I mostly do on my Mint build so i cannot avoid using Nvidia Linux drivers. I suppose I will have to live with only using MatterControl on windows.

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