Newbie looking for some advice

  • Hi all,

    I am a total noob on 3d printing but fascinated for a long time. Reading about it on this site and the YouTube channel is inspiring!

    So now I'm finally thinking about buying one. Off course the $100 question rises... which one to buy?

    The idea is to first tinker with it for a while until I get the hang of it and if all goes well maybe even consider setting up a small business. I am an IT geek and I am all in favor of tinkering around, but since I already have another business I don't have a zillion hours to tinker 😒 At some point I need results.

    I have been doing a lot of reading on different types of printer but am kinda stuck now. I figure to accomplish a high-end finish, robustness and wear resistance I probably need to use nylon. On top of that I want to limit post-processing... A lot to ask I guess. 😜So I figure I end up with a printer with a heat bed, an enclosure and a dual extruder which can stand 240C+ temperatures. I don't seem to find anything meeting that requirement. I always end up with a single extruder, heat bed and enclosure (e.g. Zortrax m200) or a dual extruder, heat bed and no enclosure (e.g. Lulzbot Taz 5/6). Price range I am thinking $2500 (give or take).

    Can you experts share some thoughts? Am I completely nuts with my reasoning?

    Any input is highly appreciated!!


  • Don't get hung up on the enclosure. It is very easy to construct an enclosure for a printer that does not have one. It could be something as simple as putting a cardboard box over the top of the printer. We have an article on building a simple one from PVC pipe and plastic sheet.

    Personally I much prefer printers without enclosures. Fully enclosed printers tend to be big, heavy, and unwieldy. If the printer is open it makes it much easier to access everything and work on the machine. The TAZ is very nice because of how easy it is to get to things when you are tinkering with it or doing repairs.

    Also an enclosure is not necessary in most cases. It really only becomes an issue when you are doing large ABS prints. Even Nylon is fine without one most of the time.

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