z axis doesn't move

  • I am trying to use MatterControl with a prusa mk2.5s, and I am running into a strange problem.

    I can control the z axis with the manual controls just fine, but when I kick off a print it just prints at the initial layer height (.15mm) for every layer. it even retracts to .78mm during moves, but every single layer its just plowing through .15. MatterControl says it moved to the correct height, but it didnt.

  • @vicanic Check the Gcode or post it here The beginning couple layers and the end are interesting

  • im not going to let the mattercontrol print run to the end, I dont want to have to clean a wad off my extruder.

    I tested with simplify3d, and it was able to start printing a benchy just fine, so I think I have narrowed this down to a problem with mattercontrol. I would like Mattercontrol to work though, it has the interface and features I really appreciate.

    this forum wont let me upload, says I dont have the privileges, so I am going to copy and paste the logs here

    G21 ; set units to millimeters
    M107 ; fan off
    T0 ; set the active extruder to 0
    ; settings from start_gcode
    M104 S215
    M140 S55
    G28 W ; Home without mesh level
    G80 ; Probe
    G0 Z4.24 F5000
    M117 Heating
    M109 S215
    M190 S55
    M117 Printing
    ; automatic settings after start_gcode
    T0 ; set the active extruder to 0
    G90 ; use absolute coordinates
    G92 E0 ; reset the expected extruder position
    M82 ; use absolute distance for extrusion
    ; Layer count: 22
    ; Layer Change GCode
    ; LAYER:0
    ; LAYER_HEIGHT:0.2
    G0 X136.37 Y90.03 Z-0.56 F7200
    G0 F1500
    G1 X140.15 Y90.94 E0.162 F900
    G1 X143.75 Y92.43 E0.323
    G1 X147.06 Y94.46 E0.485
    G1 X150.02 Y96.98 E0.646
    G1 X152.54 Y99.94 E0.808
    G1 X154.57 Y103.25 E0.97
    M106 S10
    M140 S45
    M190 S45
    M104 S215 T0
    M109 S215 T0
    G28 ; home all axes
    ; process Process1
    ; layer 1, Z = 0.180
    G92 E0.0000
    G1 E-7.0000 F1800
    ; feature skirt
    ; tool H0.180 W0.530
    G1 Z0.180 F1000
    G1 X96.360 Y95.344 F4800
    G1 E0.0000 F1800
    G92 E0.0000
    G1 X97.187 Y94.678 E0.0421 F1800
    G1 X97.691 Y94.366 E0.0656
    G1 X98.549 Y93.972 E0.1031
    G1 X99.097 Y93.796 E0.1259
    G1 X100.025 Y93.616 E0.1634
    G1 X100.335 Y93.577 E0.1758
    G1 X123.932 Y92.145 E1.1134
    G1 X124.047 Y92.141 E1.1180
    G1 X125.636 Y92.121 E1.1810
    G1 X125.879 Y92.130 E1.1906
    G1 X127.675 Y92.289 E1.2622
    G1 X127.878 Y92.316 E1.2703
    G1 X128.975 Y92.508 E1.3145
    G1 X129.129 Y92.541 E1.3207
    G1 X130.267 Y92.818 E1.3672
    G1 X130.417 Y92.860 E1.3734
    G1 X131.492 Y93.197 E1.4180
    G1 X131.635 Y93.247 E1.4241
    G1 X132.604 Y93.620 E1.4652
    G1 X132.751 Y93.682 E1.4716

  • I just realized I could export gcode and just read it, rather than trying to get it out of the terminal while the print is running. I scrubbed thru the MatterControl one and it indeed instructs the printer that all the z heights are the same.

    G1 E109.028 F1500
    G1 X145.97 Y122.74 E109.336 F900
    ; Layer Change GCode
    ; LAYER:1
    ; LAYER_HEIGHT:0.18
    G1 E105.836 F1500
    G1 E102.336
    G0 X139.24 Y126.75 Z-0.47 F7200
    G0 X132.5 Y130.75 Z-0.38

    every layer change says LAYER_HEIGHT:0.18

    so if its absolute dimensioning z height instead of relative, how do i get it to stop, because its not absolute for the x and y axis

  • @vicanic MC is missing the G1 Z0.188 command. From what you posted there are no Z movements so its either a settings or a slicing thing. You could contact them. It also could be a bug.

    Now I absolutely abhor the MC slicer but the bed leveling is nice so if and when I use it I slice in Prusa slicer and then load the Gcode into MC to apply the bed leveling. So yes you have that option and I strongly recomend it

  • awesome, that works. whatever gets me printing. Thank you.

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