Trouble installing the BL Touch for Creality CR-10 V3

  • Hello,

    I have purchased the BL Touch Kit for Creality CR-10 V2/V3
    but im having trouble installing it.

    First of all the creality slicer im using is 1.2.3. im also using the latest CR-10 v3 printer.

    first of all Creality slicer is not seeing my printer even though i have hooked it up via USB cable. am i using the right USB cable? it fits in the hole but maybe its a low grade cable?

    also, ive connected the BL touch to the motherboard and screwed everything in but im not sure how to proceed. The printer UI does not mention bed leveling or bl touch.

    i see that creality has a firmware on their website specific to the BL Touch / printer combo but im not sure which one to use it seems like its not perfectly for the V3 .

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