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    Hi MatterControl users!

    The MatterControl team is always looing to add new profiles for the latest printers. If you have a printer not currently supported in MatterControl and have developed a profile for it, please upload it to GitHub for inclusion in our supported printers list. If your profile is accepted we will send you $15 of store credit for the


    1. The profile must be your own original work that you've done to get your printer working with MatterControl.
    2. The profile must be for a stock version of the printer, not modified in any way. Your own printer can be modded, but the profile must work well with a stock version of your printer.


    • Export your profile
      • export profile
    • Zip it
    • Upload it to GitHub
    • Let us know you sent it
      • Send a note to with the GitHub issue (you can copy the URL) and your email address. We'll check it out, and if it looks good we'll reply with a coupon code for $15 of store credit.

    Profiles must be complete, not currently part of MatterContol, and have some market presence. Approval will be at the sole discretion of MatterHackers.

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