Need release notes before Installing anymore

  • I got a notice saying a new release was available today. After dealing with filament travel speed parameters changing in the last release to a higher speed than I set before, I will not load a new release just so I can read the release notes. Of note, there was nothing mentioned in the last release notes that would imply any filament profile would get changed just by upgrading to a new release. I had to go through all them and change the travel speed to a lower value (it was 45 across the board - the upgrade changed the value anywhere from 80 to 120 on all the them). The higher speeds were causing the X axis to mistep and create a shifted print.

    I don't know whether the issue that I had with the upgrade was something that was missed in testing or a new feature that reset values in the profiles. Why isn't as important as it needs to not happen again.

  • MatterHackers

    You can find the latest release notes here. You can also go to help in MC and find them there.

    There were not any changes that should have affected your profile, not sure how that happened. We will dig into what might have gone wrong there. Thanks for the heads up.

    Below is a copy of the what's new:

    You can find the complete release notes here

    Latest Update Details


    • Features
      • Collecting history data after print finishes
      • Added option to run print leveling validation if printer has a probe
      • Added import of FFF (Simplify3D) prifiles
    • UI improvements
      • Working on new GLFW backend to fix Mac and Linux issues (not quite ready yet)
      • "Just my Settings' working for Quality and Material editing
      • Added a simple measure tool
        Measure Tool
    • Bugs
      • Made Gyroid infill fill to edge
      • Fixd regression with bridging directions
      • Fixed M83 (extrude relative)
      • Fixed selection issue when adding scale to part

  • @larsbrubaker thanks! The only place I could ever find was after already installing MC. There was even a forum message about that exact things some weeks back and the only mention was in MC.

    As for the profiles issue - it affected all my slicer profiles - solid, 35% file with different bottom and top solid areas. I was able to fix it, but only after I figured why my prints started shifting.

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