TMC2209 stepper driver issues?

  • I have the Anycubic i3 Mega S. Just purchased from manufacturer's website in August 2020. I have made a number of upgrades which include swapping out the stepper drivers with the TMC2209 stepper drivers. After installing (triple checked installation), I went to adjust the potentiator and my multimeter reads 5.0 and no matter how many times I turn the screw the reading doesn't change. The printer works fine with one exception and is much quieter than before. The motors are getting really hot. Too hot to touch. I'm afraid of burning the motors out. My question/s are:

    1. Do I have a bad batch of stepper drivers? These are the ones I purchased;
    2. Is there a way to regulate the voltage on the printer firmware side or any other software means?

    I would appreciate any help/suggestions.

    Thank you.

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