Not sure how to identify my printer to add.

  • Hello,

    I am new to Pulse and Matter Control, I don't have my printer yet and won't likely be using it online. I was going to spend some time before my printer arrive getting to know the software but I don't see the Pulse XE in the list. How do I know what printer on the list I use as there are a lot of printers and they don't use a naming system I can identify.

    Any good training videos or articles on how to use Matter Control would be great, I have been looking but not found anything yet, that said I am not done looking.

  • When your printer arrives; there will be a model/serial number which you select in the list. For example: Pulse -> E-3XX

    I have not seen any good videos. The only info I really came across is this

    If you got the smoothieware upgrade (the 32-bit), there doesn't seem to be any information regarding it. I'm still trying to learn the viki2 (LCD upgrade).

  • @plew Thanks for the response, I did get the 32bit bit board keep me posted on what you find!

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