Failed prints every single time

  • I'm having a hard time liking this Pulse XE printer. It's new, and i've only ever gotten one single solitary successful print out of it. Right out of the box the print quality was awful. Changing to a brass nozzle from the ruby nozzle helped a little, but not much. Now, every single print stops extruding from the nozzle about half an hour into the print. The cooling fan is on. Print fan on. Changed nozzles. Changed heat break. Changed filament. Changed models. Changed bowden tube. Changed to different clamps for each end of the bowden tube. I'm at my wits end with this thing. I had a sour experience with Craftbot and this was my replacement. Printing from 200 to 210 and same thing. I will see a failed print, remove the bowden and heat up to 240 and attempt to clean out with a needle. There's not even a clog i can detect. Then I'll re feed in filament and the bowden tube and extrude a little and it will extrude onto the bed, so it's not clogged. so then i reset, and resend the print and half an hour later, it's ghost printing, doing the motions but no filament is being extruding. I hear the clicking of the bond tech trying to force filament thru.

  • What Filament are you using? I started having symptoms similar to yours when there was about 1 year of use on my ruby nozzle, but you've swapped that already. I had similar issues as well when trying to use a "translucent" PLA, just wouldn't print for the life of me; and Prusament PLA (but it prints flawlessly on my MK3s...go figure).

    Check in MC what your nozzle size is set to and verify the size nozzle installed. I know these seem like trivial things, but just some steps to try.

    Have you contacted MH support?

  • Have tried different filament. I think somehow the bowden tube is messed up, so i'm replacing that. I did contact support, and we've tried a few things - and none of them helped much. So the end of the bowden tube might be a little worn and allowing filament to backflow and clog and stop extruding.

  • What you describe sonds like you are forming a "puck" or printing at too low a temperature. If its an all metal hotend the nozzle might not be tightened properly and if you have a puck once you will get it over and over until you properly clean and assemble the hotend. You also could have your extruder improperly so it does not push the filament properly. You also could be printing too fast for your setup (filament/temp) and then your heater cartridge or thermistor could be loose and the temp the printer thinks the hotend is on is not the actual temp.

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