AnyCubic X Mega Pro Upgrade Advice?

  • I have a new Anycubic Mega X (300X300X305) that I want to upgrade to print metal if possible. Any advice with regard as to what is needed and sources for acquiring what is needed please advise....all recommendations are welcome.

    I am fairly new to this and time is critical for me to be learning on such a steep learning curve. Thanks if you can help.

  • The best advice would be to invest in a professional commercial machine that will cost probably 100x what you bought your mega x for.
    Even with some filaments like the BASF 316L, that MH sells, your machine doesn't exactly meet the heatbed requirements. Link to the MH page with said filament:

    Sorry to be curt, but there is no simple and straight forward path that takes you from hobby machine to industrial machine. Good luck.

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