MatterControl Ender 5 Pro Profile ?

  • I just got a new Ender 5 Pro printer. And I'm fairly new to 3D printing in general. I've been playing a bit with MC and was wondering if anyone has put together a profile for the Ender 5 (guessing it would be the same for the Pro). Appreciate any info and guidance anyone can provide. Thanks.

  • Hello,

    I know this is an old post but just incase people are still looking for a profile I have one for my Ender 5 Plus that has been working pretty good. It's a mix of the setting from my Cura and PrusaSlicer configs. So the Start and End Gcode are good to go. You will need to change the dimensions for your bed size and volume but other then that it should work.

    I just started using the forums so I don't have privileges to upload it so I'm going to have to use a link instead to my Google Drive for download.

    Ender 5 Plus Profile

    I'm still refining it but it work pretty well.


  • MatterHackers

    If you submitted to support, or put it up on GitHub, we can include it in the release and also you will get a $15 store credit to matter hackers.

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