Serial port permission denied Ubuntu 20.04

  • I have installed MatterControl 2.0 on an admin account successfully on a new laptop running Ubuntu 20.04
    Whenever I attempt to set up my printer with MatterControl, I get the alert saying permission denied and that my account needs permission to access the serial ports.
    I used the recommended

    $ sudo gpasswd -a $USER dialout

    command as well as similar commands found online. I have confirmed my account does indeed have permission to access the serial ports now, and I did log out and back in, but MatterControl still comes up with this permission denied alert. I even tried uninstalling MC, confirming port permissions, and re-installing MC, but the alert persists.
    Any direction will be greatly appreciated!

  • I have not tried MC in Ubuntu yet. But I can offer you a few thoughts.

    If you run the following command, does it display the group was added?;
    $ id

    Also found this post about modemmanager causing problems with dialout.

    Other thoughts would be; try loading the software as root/adding user to root group/allowing login as root
    (I understand security implications but just thoughts for troubleshooting)

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