Help! filament broke off in Bowden tube near extruder

  • how do I remove the Bowden tube? I got the blue c clip off but I can't pull the tube out.

  • It's going to be difficult because the filament is possibly expanding the tube slightly, helping to retain the tubing in the collet. In situations like this, I've gently but forcefully pulled the tube out while supporting the extruder.

    Remove all tension off of the extruder gears before attempting this. You might be able to push another piece of filament through the extruder input or the other end of the tube and dislodge the stuck filament.

  • So I did manage to figure out how to non destructively remote the Bowden tube from the hot end. It was clogged, verified that the nozzle was clean. I couldn't get anything in there to push it all out, so I had a cleaning needle I'd have to insert from the top, let it sit and pull it out and clean off filament a bit at a time until I got a large ball out.

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