OSX/Mac Where's the printer's configuration stored ?

  • I'm a new user of Matter Control on a Geeetech G2S Pro. I did my very first print with this software and it came out beautiful. As I now start to configure presets etc. I noticed that changes I make via the GUI are not reflected in the config.ini for this printer. As an example if I change the bed (round) diameter to 185 and save it, quit MC and the start again, the changes are there in the GUI but when I look in the printers config.ini file, it stills says 200,200. Where are the actual runtime settings kept ????

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    The settings and values contained in the config.ini are used to structure the data that then gets committed to a database when you create and save a printer. Any slice settings values associated with your current printer instance that are edited and then saved are automatically saved to the database which is where your runtime settings are stored.

  • As @gdiaz01 said, they're in a database, which itself is located at ~/.local/share/MatterControl (.local may be hidden).

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