Hardened Steel Nozzles - Raise3D N2 compatible?

  • I am running a Raise3D N2+ printer - with the V2 hot ends - Its unclear to me which nozzles are compatible with the printer other than ones specifically labeled for this printer -

    I need to find a hardened steel nozzle that will fit

    The Raise3D "hardened" nozzles are plated and the CF filament is chewing them up too fast.

    I believe that the nozzle is a standard M6-1.0 thread and it appears to be the standard 5.5 mm long thread -

    I do not need to match the overall length of the original nozzles - I'll just reset for two of the new nozzles


  • This post is deleted!

  • For anyone curious, the Micro Swiss "RepRap" with M6 threads looks a little odd but works perfectly on the Raise3D N2

    It is NOT the same working length as an "official" Raise3D nozzle - so it would NOT be something you could mix with standard nozzles - but you could use two of the Micro Swiss

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