I have MatterControl Pro but my only slicing engine is Matterslice.

  • Should there be the other two programs available? I am running into issues getting my .stl files to slice properly so I wanted to try the other engines. There are often large gaps in the generated preview regardless of what model I am trying to print.

  • @cdk As far as I know MC 2.x only supports matterslice but as you have pro and paid for it I would call them. You can get around that limitation and do what I do. Slice it in another slicer (I use Prusa slicer/Slic3r) and then load the generated Gcode into MC (instead of the STL) and print from MC that way you can use the neat bed leveling feature MC has

  • @mpirringer PrusaSlicer works perfectly, thank you! That solved my issue.

  • I also noticed that when I scaled down my 3D model, it caused issues in slicing for both programs. specifically in merging parts. Any idea why the slicing fails when scaling down?

  • @cdk I never merged parts. I usually design my parts in Inventor or F360 and then just slice the STLs

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