Networking 10 printers together need some assistance

  • Hello all;

    I'm trying to find the best software to control my printers over our internal network. I have seen some free and some SaaS solutions that will allow me to do this but I am not interested in having proprietary designs in the cloud somewhere.

    I currently have four TAZ6 and four rasberry pi 3 models to provide network access. I have the following questions;

    1) What is the best pi operating system to accomplish this. I currently have them running with Noobs software, but am capable of flashing another OS.

    2) What modifications to the above OS would be required to achieve my goals.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Sounds like you are looking for the OctoPi distro.

  • I've been looking at that as another option, I'm trying to choose the best one.

    I started out at botqueue but as far as I can tell, there haven't been any updates in several years and the install instructions are a bit sketchy.

    I looked at Octopi/print but the directions are also a bit sketchy to see if I can fulfill my purpose.

  • I've got Octoprint working, thx

  • Still would like some overarching monitor feature that would show all printer status on one page.

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