Translucent White PLA

  • Hey All,

    I've got a product that could benefit from being made of a bright white translucent plastic. That's right, not clear translucent. I've printed it in clear, and that's not bad, but not as satisfying as plain white opaque. It needs to contrast with black that is also part of the print, and black on white is far better than black on the sort of grey you get with clear.. however the light transmission you get with the clear has it's own desirable effects. I'm looking for the best of both worlds.. contrast and light transmission.

    Anybody ever seen a white translucent PLA out there that would fit this description? I note MatterHackers has a "Natural Translucent", but I'm not really excited about it being yellowish.

    One more thing that makes this a hard to find item, I am looking for 2.85mm filament.

    Thanks in advance to all you filament Gurus,


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