CR 20 Pro with bed leveling.

  • Received a CR pro 20 less then 2hr ago. Easy set up and will print as stated; Yes it will,"But"... there's always at least one. Do not depend on the default settings for printing. Use Cura or another program. The build plate had a .02 deflection. If it came with adjustment knobs, I could have corrected for that imperfection...Yeah the auto leveling compensates(barely) but I'm into tolerances (OC) millwright. Uhhh! Who can't print with PLA? The layering was excellent yet the adhesion sucks using the mag plate...think I'll go back to glass. I have yet to understand why anyone likes a micro SD card...invest in a card reader cable n adapter. Bottom line I'm going to keep it but it's not worth MH price. It's a $300.00 value @ best. Get the Ender 3/5 model in lieu and buy the add on(s) from a 3rd party.

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