G29 Auto bed leveling

  • I am extremely impressed with my new Pulse D-224 (about 2 weeks old), however, I've been having a lot of difficulty with MatterControl consuming memory and went back to Cura. I used the guide on how to set up Cura for the pulse, got the G29 starting code added and it works, however, MatterControl uses a 5x5 pattern and the G29 code in the firmware is set for a 3x3. It prints okay, but I can see the difference in the 1st layer. Some areas look great and other areas don't have the same "squish".

    So my question: Is there a way to increase the number of mesh points when printing from Cura without updating the firmware? If not, are there any inherent warranty issues with tweaking the mesh points and reloading the firmware, assuming of course that it is available on the MH github or something?


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