Is there an Installation guide for BuildTak FlexPlate System & pulse XE pro - D132

  • I purchased the BuildTak FlexPlate System 9" x 10" for my pulse XE pro (D132) . Is there anything I need to know before I install it? Is there an installation guide I can follow? Any advice is appreciated.

  • I watched a few youtube videos, its really easy to do. Just heat up your bed and slowly try and get the garlite bed off. mine broke in a few chuncks. I then let the bed cool and cleaned up the glue with 99%IPA, then take your magnetic base and remove the backing and carfully place it on the bed. As for the flexplate make sure when you put the garlite or other bed top that its 100% bubble free. I thought I got all of the bubbles out but once I heated it up after a few prints I went to clean the bed and heard a pop! A bubble. Great! I had to order a new flexplate and garlite bed and I will make sure to put it on slower starting on one side and working my way to the other. The old one still works I just try not to print in that back area of the bed.

    Hope this helps you out.


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