Need some help with settings

  • [0_1589682379533_G-Code.gcode](Uploading 2%) [0_1589681794210_P47_wing_L1_retract.STL](Uploading 11%) 0_1589681746156_IMG_0358.jpeg New to 3D printing and need some help with settings for Matter Control. See attache photos.

    Pro PLA
    Pulse XE
    .4MM Orson Ruby High-temp hot end

  • should have stopped the print at go?
    try a small calibration object first,
    need more inf from u on your settings
    seems you had no bed adhesion to start with?

  • @kenchalk Looks like underextrusion to me Reasons could be anything from temperature too low to a clog somewhere in the nozzle of heatbreak

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