Printer not recognizing "Filament Out"

  • Currently printing PETG, really successfully I might add, but twice now it has run out of filament and the print head continues on it's merry way like it's laying down tracks. The Bowden extruder has stopped as I can unload the remaining filament and then load new.

    Latest version of Matter Control running so am I missing a switch or something in the software that tells the printer to pause? Was looking forward to multi-colour face shield frames.

  • Simple fix and I should have check it before, but while I had the printer apart for the BL Touch prove issue, I took the filament out sensor apart and found the ball-bearing jammed by a stray piece of filament so the switch was jammed in it's trigger state of normally open.

    This was after I confirmed the wiring harness was okay. Not to be lazy but a little light button in the software would be cool so you could have a visual of the switch operation.

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