Hot end temperature controls missing-on-MatterControl 2-19

  • Re: Hot end temperature controls @ 0 on-mattercontrol-2-19-with-i3 2020 clone
    It connects but there is no control? Using a MKS Gen 2

    ![alt text](0_1587975988268_temp.PNG image url)

  • @zizixa go into the terminal and see if you get any response by entering M105 or M155 Look up the syntax for the proper parameters for you I would guess for your hotend to be T0 so it would then be M105 T0 If you don;t get a response you might not be connected properly or your firmware is configured to not report

  • Thank you for the reply,
    this is the printer not communicating or connecting correctly with the MC software?
    on connect manny times it will not see the port and i will have to switch on and of and unplug many times to no avail.
    but i have a clue... that may help ?
    if i remove the printer (after it had done many prints)from MC and add new printer it then connects correctly and shows HE and bed temp .

  • @zizixa When I was using MC I had to create a new printer a couple of times for a variety of reasons. Sometimes all it took was an upgrade

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