Supports not printing

  • Im new to printing and up until now I havent needed supports. But now I do with this print. Under the print drop down it recommended I needed supports. I clicked generate supports and it appears like it did. But when I exported to gcode and printed it no supports were printing. Even when I resliced it still doesnt have the supports printing. What do I do to get the supports to print?

    alt text

  • Are you exporting the gcode to an SD card? I have not had this happen but I am always tethered to the printer. I hit the generate supports icon, they get generated and they print. If you have another slicer, it may be worth importing the gocode you generate and play over the print and see if they are there. Also, make sure that in slicer settings, the support items are set. Good luck.

  • I am using an SD card yes. It never seems to work hardlined.
    alt text

  • @gripwik Interesting, as I typed my previous response, I looked at my screen and even sent a file to the printer (Pulse XE) and it printed fine with supports. Im at a loss at what could be happening. What printer are you using and what firmware does it use? It is the only thing I would suspect.

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