Blobs on surface of print

  • I seem to be getting blobs on the surface of my bigger flat walled parts, this seems to be because there is extra material being extruded at the retraction point which is causing a buildup overall in columns. I have tried adjusting my retraction settings to high movement and negative extra length on restart , but it seems like what I really want looking into the problem more is some sort of coasting setting which does not seem to be in MatterControl. Is there some way to fix this issue I am not seeing? I do see a 'Coast At End' parameter that I am not sure it does exactly as I want as it is currently set to 3mm but do not see any influence in the movement before the retractions in the sliced view.

    EDIT: so I just finished one more test print with retraction totally off, and I am still getting blobs, It seems that the blobs lining up on the retraction points is just coincidence, not really sure how to handle it from here.

    EDIT2: pic of whats going on

    EDIT3: It seems the issue starts going away when I start to add infill to the walls that were just perimeters, there are some small artifacts on the surface but I think this can be fixed by lowering the overlap % for the new infill. So if this is the case I am not too sure on how to fix the walls that are just perimeters in case I did want that.

  • @jallenclark Looks like PETG and that sometimes is tough. Looks like you have flow problems could be you are printing too fast or you have leeks in your hotend. Also sometimes petg collects on the nozzle and then falls off. Check your flowrate I got away from MC due to lack of control and use prusa slicer even for the pulse I slice in Prusa slicer and then generate a gcode file and then load the gcode in MC instead of an stl and apply bed leveling that way. Here is a tutorial I wrote on establishing the flow rate

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