cooling print fan

  • HOw come the cooling print fan doesn't always stay on after the first layer? I don't get it at all. It turns on after a certain time. I always thought that the cooling fan is always on until the print is done?

  • Then when I force the fan to turn on during a print, it shuts down again several minutes later.

  • Yeah i didnt like that and i prefered if they had a button called : Keep always on .
    The workaround for that is :
    Fan : On
    Turn on if below : 100000
    Run max if Below : 10000
    and then put whatever percentage u want .
    for me i put 100% cause i am always using pla and i always want it on .
    I keep Off for first layer ( I like it off for first layer only)

  • Thanks I appreciate the response. I will try and see if that works.

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