Having trouble subtracting from an imported object

  • I have imported a model I want to modify for my own needs. I am trying to subtract two small cubes from the model to create a void. When I select these two cubes and hit subtract it deletes the entire model and both cubes. If I select just the model and one cube it deletes both the model and that one cube leaving the unselected cube behind. What am I doing wrong?

  • If you are proficient enough with MC you can probably get the stuff to work, but I'll be honest, just don't. MC sucks for model modification/management to the max. This includes its slicing of multiple meshes in the same object. Get free program that has good mesh/model control and management. Export your object (or objects as multiple stls with the same origin point) and then import (each and align) in MC.

    I use Blender, but there are others out there.

  • I solved the problem many people were having with the subtract feature. I posted the solution under: "Subtract not Working".
    You will have to scroll down near the last entry. My solution works every time.

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