MC and Kossel Pro

  • I dusted off my Kossel Pro and installed MC 2..20.1.10422. Unfortunately, the head is doing some strange things. On printing, the printer does its self-leveling dance and then, the head hunkers down over by the Y pillar with the extruder off to the side and below the bed. It sits there for a bit squirting filament into space. Then it moves directly towards the center of the bed. Of course, because it is beside the bed, the hot end jams up against the glass.

    I have calibrated the Z offset (17.8mm) and tried varying it dramatically (both + and -) as well as installing MC1.7.5. All with the same results. Any thoughts?

  • Check your startup G-code and make sure you have the z offset set properly If you post it we could look at it

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