When I print it keeps overriding my hotend temps

  • I have my slicer and printer nozzle setup in mattercontrol to print first layer at 240 then switch to 235. But when I click on print, it just gets stuck at 205 for some reason. And unless I physically go over to my printer and change the nozzle temp manually it just sits at 205 until it's done.
    alt text
    I've tried figuring it out, but I just can't find the answer on my own.

  • Check your startup gcode you should have something like a
    M109 S[temperature]
    M104 S[temperature]
    in there and then something similar in the layer change code I don't have the MC variable name list handy but you dould find the other layer code variables by calling support

  • How strange, I've had my start Gcode the same as when I was using repetier-host, but changing it from: "M104 S[first_layer_temperature] ; Extruder (no wait)"
    "M104 S[240] ; Extruder (no wait)"

    Seems to have fixed it. Weird. Thank you for the help!

  • Everything inside a [] is considered a variable of MC. So M104 S[240] might even get dropped as there is no variable "240" the proper syntax is M104 S240 the [first_layer_temperature] means replace the whole thing including the [] with the MC variable "first_layer_temperature" which you set in the UI. Make sure all of those parsing instructions produce valid GCODE you can export it to a file and then inspect it - to see valid gcode google "gcode marlin" most of those commands are valid for most printers using marlin

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