New Ender 3 Pro

  • Hello I just got my printer and set it up my prints seem to start off fine but then later I get gaps or off sets. Can some me what I need to fix here. New to the 3D printers

    Thanks in advance mike!

    ![0_1580638517258_20200201_111733.jpg](Uploading 99%)

    ![0_1580638570071_20200202_040831.jpg](Uploading 65%) ![0_1580638612558_20200202_040901.jpg](Uploading 99%)

  • Your pics did not upload they are probably too big for this board take them at a lower resolutiom and try again

  • 0_1580661100734_Hitman.jpg 0_1580661110235_phpI5xeLdAM.jpg 0_1580661118476_Baby yoda.jpg

  • Looks like your Nozzle hit something on the print seems the x axis. That can happen if a part of the print curls up and then hits the nozzle. It can also be caused by a belt that is way too loose. You seem to print with a lot of perimeters and PLA seems to like to curl up on overhangs when you do that. Its one of the reasons I personally prefer other materials over PLA try to print it with 3 perimeters an a 10% infill or switch to PETG or ABS or HIPS if your printer can handle it

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