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  • i am trying to add some pretty simple gcode to the start of a print. basically the same as makerbot desktop uses at the start, for example

    M73 P0 ;progress % set to 0 (MC set to use m73 for progress reporting)
    G162 X Y F2000 ;(home XY axes maximum)
    G161 Z F900 ;(home Z axis minimum)
    G92 X0 Y0 Z-5 A0 B0 ;(set Z to -5)
    G1 Z0 F900
    G161 Z F100 ;(home Z axis minimum)
    M132 X Y Z A B ;(Recall stored home offsets for XYZAB axis)
    G92 X152 Y72 Z0 A0 B0
    G1 X-112 Y-73 Z150 F3300

    even basic parameters behave incorrectly... for example the fed rate f values appear to be inverse, ie a feed rate of f3000 is slow whilst f1 is a fast. sometimes a g161 or g162 will work other times it is totally ignored.
    i can not get the last line to move the x axes with a direct print... via sd card it will move but only about 80% to where it should be.

    I can print successfully if i leave start gcode stock (except it does kinda smash the carriage into front left corner) via usb or sd card.... so it appears it is just a start gcode thing.

    i have spent hours at this with no luck... any help really appreciated.

  • Now it will no longer export to x3g
    forget to mention previously that the shift ctrl click modifiers do not work either.. ie shift + click to move workspace (i have tried 1.7 and it worked ok)

    i really want to like and use MC as i love the concept and functionality but i dont think i can because basic functionality is broken.

  • Don't use gcode unless you know what it means to your machine. For example G162 and G161 are not supported by all machines. Some machines home with G28. Same with M73 depends on how the firmware maps the LCD IDK what works on your printer and don't use another printers gcode for your printer. I suggest you find a list of applicable gcodes for your printer if its marlin go to the marlin website if not go to whatever website or manual you can get for the printer then try to run one code at the time. You can connect with MC you can go to the terminal and type a code in like G28 or G161 with whatever parameters and then see what happens. You should start with a reset that resets your printer without crashing into anything then you should have a Gcode command to set the temperature for hotend and bed that is missing from your code alltogether So on my printer for example

    M190 S[bed_temperature]

    M109 S[temperature]

    Works to set the temp. It probably should be the last command in the startup before the purge if you do a purge

  • Thanks for the reply. The gcode is taken directley from makerbot desktop for my replicator 2x. I did bring the heating gcode into start code to stop mc from auto inserting heat code prior to homing etc to see if that was causing the problems above. Didn't help. Thanks for the terminal idea... will give it a shot.

  • Mattercontrol or any slicer do not change temp by themselves you have to have a gcode in the apropriate snipped with a proper variable referenced so for example [temperature] is the nozzle temp and [bed_temperature] is the bed temp. Now there are different Gcodes that control temps like 104, 140, 109, 190 etc. You got to look up what is appropriate Gcode for your printer In the termina off course you can also type M104 200 and see if it changes the temp. IDK if your printer has a heated bed if not your can forget the bed_temperature variable. But before playing with that I'd google GCODE for your 2x and get a listing of supported gcode or email the manufacturer. You can have MC export the gcode to a file and if it does not have a command in there like M140 (or 104 or 109 or 190 etc whatever your printer needs) followed by a temperature then your printer does not get a temp command and either stays cold or defaults to something else you are loading some defaults in the code above with some 160 range codes I am not familiar with as they are not on my marlin list. Hence if you ever go do a temp tower then you can go to the apropriate layer and type in something like M104 S200 and then 20 layers or so later M104 S195 etc

  • Mc doess indeed insert the heating gcode automatically. It does this just before it runs your customised start gcode. The only exception to this is if your custom start gcode has heating code in it... the mc figures u are taking care of it and it no longer has to do it automatically. On some printers heating before homing can cause issues so I did try the heating code in the custom start code but it made no difference to my other issues and given it is a dual extruder... easier to let mc take care of heating and picking extruders.

    Thanks for the feedback

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