Matter control won't print to scale

  • The 3d printer I'm using is a Flash Forge knockoff and I used that printer for the setup. When I import an STL file into the MatterControl it shows up as a tiny version of what it was exported as. Even using the edit function to set the x y z measurements yields a print that is a little off from what it should be. What's the problem here?

  • It's the model, not MatterControl. MatterControl uses millimeters as the scale, so unless your modeling software is set to that, you will probably have issues.

  • Yes such as Solidwork. On the save as screen when you select the STL format there is an options button. If you designed in millimeters and export is set to inches you will import the model expecting a millimeter file unknowing the software used converted and save as inches. This would make for a very small model.

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