PLA Issues

  • @mpirringer I did do this check and dimples appeared in the water, on either side of the nozzle it seems. Ran out of time and went back to Rhyno.

    Still not sure why the cooling is an issue, but will try again soon.

  • @erievon Looks familiar, not sure what the fix is.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @pverdin That means you are blowing air everywhere you don't want it next to the nozzle and most likely at the nozzle. So you are not cooling the filament and the prints above look like pla with cooling issues. This is one reason I will redesign the hotend and fan mounts. Or maybe someone else got one that works and we can use that. Its not a high priority item for me as I print PLA so rarely and I got a Chiron too which does a nicer job on PLA than the Pulse even with the crappy stock fan mount and there good ones exist on thingiverse

  • @mpirringer Thanks, I will look on Thingverse and see what I can see, I have put PLA on the back burner for now.

  • @pverdin Good Idea. Was printing some prototypes today and for that I usually use filament that I either bought very inexpensive or got for free. It was a reasonably large part - going through the iterations - About 1/2 kg of Filament. So one iteration I printed in Hobby King ABS that I picked up for 4.87/kg looked real nice except its a hideous color. The Other was a spool of Free Prusament PLA I got at the ERRF 2019. That warped all over the place. So I will also stay away from PLA.

  • Hi all,!

    First post from a first time owner. I have a Pulse XE also and was experiencing this same issue with my Phil prints. Tried different extruder temps and my Phils look like they've got saggy butt/cellulite and his hands are just a mess. I am waiting for other PLA spools to try. But in the meantime, is this the nature of printing PLA with an XE? Should I just focus on printing PETG and Nylons with this printer?

    Thanks in advance and I hope to be able to learn enough to add some benefit to the group!


  • @rjderama As you can see I too had issues with PLA and never did solve them, but then I found my nozzle leaking internally and had to rebuild my hotend.

    I have been using PETG with great success now and it's been over 6 months, I have not gone back to my PLA again because why mess with success.

  • @pverdin Fully agree guess that is why I am currently running through about 10k of HIPS/week

  • Thanks for the help on this. I posted a reply stating II found my solution in using an existing filament profile instead of just winging it. Don't know where it went, but I'm sure it's floating somewhere here.

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