Problems with dual extrusion and PVA on Rostock Max V3

  • I have dual extrusion set up and mechanically it works. My problem is with PVA. For some reason, it gets blocked in the hot end and won't retract during a tool change. I was running at 200C, I upped it to 220 since that is what it took to be able to manually pull it back. It also appears to not extrude enough to be ready after a change, but this is at the 2nd or 3rd layer. I upgraded my extruders to Bondtech since I was getting way too much filament grinding and extruder clogs due to the retraction heavy prints I have been making. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • When you say it "won't retract during a tool change," what happens, specifically? Grinding?

  • A high pitched noise which indicates the filament is stuck. I went in and made the chamfers a little better so the bowden tubes were in the Y-connector all the way. I have just tried this using PLA as the support material and what happened is interesting:

    The first layer went down fine. The model pla printed and then the support pla first filled in a layer on the priming tower and then printed its first layer. When it came to the second layer, the model pla hardly moved during the tool change and then you could see it slowly travel down the bowden tube. It was so far away that nothing was going to print for the second layer. I think there is some kind of mechanical issue. I have a note in the SeeMeCNC site since the dual extrusion for my Max V3 is their baby. Any insight is appreciated though.

  • Not sure, but it sounds like either Tool Change G-Code or a problem with firmware not extruding model filament far enough. I'd be interested to know what SeeMeCNC has to say about it.

  • hello Ivan

    I think I'm experiencing a similar issue with dual extrusion on my Rostock max v3. I have a bondtech bmg etrurder on T0 ,404.6 steps per mm and the original ez extruder on T1 91.28 step per mm. On tool change the bondtech makes hi pitch noise and doesn't retract. The ez extruder does retract properly. Have you found a fix for you set up?

    Thank you


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