MC 2.0 - On Ubuntu 18.04 = how to easily install required mono-complete >= 5.16

  • Hi,

    I was so exited to finally have MatterControl 2.0 running on my linux laptop.
    On the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS distribution I thought it would quickly be running on it. Nope ... 😉

    The default mono-complete installation use a version below the MatterControl required that must be greater than 5.15.

    But if you follow this information it will install a higher version and get MatterControl installation complete successfully and workable.

    Then it was just to share it to you to gain some time.

    Have a nice day.

    Miguipda 😉

  • Hello, maybe you can help me, i am having problems getting matter control to work on my laptop with ubuntu.

    I can get 1.7 working fine but the 2.x version just does not want to work, i have installed mono exactly like you said and it shows that it installs now, but when i try to run it, it does not do anything. Am i missing something else?

  • MatterHackers

    Hi @Miguipda

    You will want to open a Linux terminal and type in MatterControl

    This should fail but copy and paste the output and if you can, please send it over to

  • I want to echo that I downloaded the .deb file from the website and followed the instructions on mono, user groups, and printer naming. However, when I try to open MatterControl on Ubuntu 19.10 nothing launches. I get a spinning busy mouse for a few seconds then nothing further. No error codes or anything obvious.

    Does 2.0 not work on Linux?

  • @erikescudero different user with the same problem. When running MC 1.7 on terminal I get a “libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB” however MC does run but is unable to update on its own.

    Then after patching it with MC 2.deb it installs fine but MC will not open. Terminal shows a long long error “Requested graphicsModr not available: OpenTK graphics...” “...Thread was being aborted”

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