• I have been trying to view the activity on this and other forums related to FDM and additive manufacturing. I have to say that the Matter control software is pretty good to work with .Try purchasing a 20,000/40.000 dollar seat of machine CAD/CAM and have problems or crashing a bit that cost more then most startup printers on the market.
    We are using version it works good , we get quality finish with most of the tech filaments.
    Calibrate the extruder output as well as your X,Y,Z outputs . Bed leveling
    and offsets are pretty easy in MC we stopped using auto leveling.
    Get yourself a digital caliper, it doesn't have to be a Mitutoyo and measure the filament and set it into the factor .
    A lot of the cheap filament from China has been stored a long time before it gets vacuum sealed and they have a habit of telling you what you want to hear on there quality control.
    Forget using a peace of paper, buy a feeler gauge to set up offsets and it will be more consistent , back off on your retraction a little, we use very little and take your time to level and get the first layer down right with the offset setting and slow down your speeds.
    Make sure nothing is loose or binding in the travels of the axis , there are harmonics and kinematics that are created that will through you off.
    If you want to pull your hair out try 5 axis simultaneous movements at high feed rates.
    I only hope that some of this may help.

  • MatterHackers

    Thank you for your kind words! These are some solid pieces of advice!

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