Old BFB 3000 stuck in bootloader mode

  • Hi, I have an old BFB3000 dual extruder. Its old but was working exceptionally well until a short while. I hadn't used it for over 7months so it was just covered. Now when I started it, it is continuously stuck on bootloader mode. I tried switching on off quite a few time, updated the firmware to 4.1.1 via usb. Everything seems fine. Except the screen keeps showing bootloader v 3 all the time. Any help?
    Oh yes... It did start up for only once for a short while and when i restarted the printer, it went into the same loop. Please help ifanyone knows whats going on. Thanks.

  • MatterHackers

    Hey, Saif!

    Regrettably, I was unable to locate much information about that printer and am currently at a loss of how to assist here.

  • @erikescudero
    Hi! Thank you for replying. Else i have been just staring at all the forums 🙂
    The thing is, the printer has been working flawlessly for the past 6 years.
    I have even checked the installed firmware hex files and the comparisons show that all of these have been loaded successfully.
    Inference : the board is receiving the firmware.
    But it just doesnt get out of the bootloader mode.
    I even opened up the control unit, cleaned the board, checked for sticky buttons.. But nothing! I feel sad.

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