The new build

  • Its a bit of a monster but it is working ok, I have an acrylic front that slides on0_1565421657578_electronics.jpg 0_1565421679485_the box.jpg

    I stll have to fit a fan for the control board.

  • Quite interesting. What did you print the brackedts out of? what hotend etc are you using? What mainboard? Also looks like you made your own extruder

  • Most of the brackets and stuff are off Petg, probably not normally used for this, but i have never had a problem with it.
    the hotend is an E3D6, and the extruder I bought from a guy in America, works very well.
    The only bit i have any concerns with are the spacers under the heat bed, now I have it covered in I will probably reprint them in ABS.
    Motherboard is a clone MKS Gen, and the firmware Is Repetier.
    Everything designed in Sketchup.

  • Even ABS will give you problems When you get close to 100 C . As they are only spacers and 100% accuracy is maybe not that critical. Take some PLA an heat the bed to 80-85 C print enough stuff of them At a time that the print takes at leash 2 hours. Keep it enclosed. Either with an enclosure or just drape a heavy duty garbage bag over it then let it sit until the bed is at room temperature you now have partially annealed PLA take it and place it in an convection oven at 80 C for about 2 more hours and let it cool down slowly. Now you got PLA that will stay hard and retain shape up to about 150 C you can try it in an oven but be carefull as at about 155-160 it will turn into bubble gum Some PLAs later depending on their melting point. Downside is you might get a 1-3% shrinkage especially on tall parts and possible warping on very large parts but those spacers should be fine. If you don't want to go through that trouble and you can print Nylon do print Nylon. Bridge is good up to about 165 and CX 12 up to about 190C

    I also replaced the Hotend mounds and fan shroud on my PULSE with ones printed in hips as the stock ones were RYNO (which is a MH PETG blend) and they deformed when I printed large parts out of ABS/HIPS with a bed temp of 100 and a nozzle temp of 270 guess hovering that close over a 100C bed was too much. No more problems of that kind with the HIPS versions

  • Oh and all the parts on the pulse and on many printers are printed in PETG

  • I am just assuming that the extruder ad carriage are printed in ABS, I have had it up to 250 with no problems.
    I never use the bed temp above 80c, so maybe he spacers will be ok

  • Probably depends on the PETG

  • Thanks for the response , we will see how it goes, might end up making metal ones.
    What part of the UK are you from. I am originally from Essex.

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