Anycubic Chiron first impressions

  • So far so good but there are some likes and some dislikes. I am currently running it unmodified. Mainly to figure out what needs upgrading. I had/have from my daughter the same budget I got for my PULSE last ($1200ish) so I want to see If I got enough left over to build something.

    So first a real big like. The Bed not only is it 400x400. It heats up nicely I am currently about done printing 1 kg of HIPS on it and hips sticks no glue no nothing just plain on the bed when heated to 100C when it cools down to the 60s it just pops off. (PLA needs a little nudge). I should time the heating time Only thing I know so far it reaches 100 without an enclosure in about the same time the pulse reaches 80 with an enclosure.

    Construction is 2020 aluminum and sturdy. Wiring is OK the wires for the X gantry needed a holder as I don't like wires hanging so that was one of my first prints.

    Now some no likes. 2 I knew when I bought it - it doesn't have a full metal hotend so it tops out at 260 according to the manual I had it at 250 printing HIPS and no ill effect so far but it will be replaced with an E3D Volcano. I also ordered some TMC2208 to make it more quiet.

    So now to the one surprise. The extruder does not come near to the BMG I had matterhackers put on the Pulse. So I will try a BMG clone that was suggested on their FB page. It should arrive in about a week

    All in all its working pretty well and makes nice prints I made a couple in PLA with the PLA that came with it and it was OK. A little stringy but might be that PLA On HIPS no stringing and it puts it down nice and when I replace the extruder I should be able to reliably pull filament from the printdry I built and try PETG and Nylon and other materials too. Only other thing is at 430 Z the wires and PTFE start to hit the top of the frame so they would be rubbing quite a bit going the full height so I call max safe height at about 430.

    I run it currently from Pronterface and PrusaSlicer which seems to be SLIC3R 2.0. I have set up a print profile for a copy of MC 1.75 As I was going to see if I can have it call prusaslicer instead of SLIC3R 1.29 as a slicer option but the hacks I made so far all kinda worked but were "funky" mostly with same settings I wanted getting wiped out or not getting passed. Reason I tried it was that the "assisted bed leveling" on the Chiron works but is a BIG pain so I was going to see if I could get my cake and eat it too by using the MC bed leveling which I like and SLIC3R/PrusaSlicer which I consider a good slicer and do not have to use either the old version fo SLIC3R which does not do volumetric E or even worse matterslice. Well maybe sometime I got time. Until there is something better I won't print without Volumetric E. The accuracy difference is considerable and so is the flow

  • It sounds like it is going well for you.
    I tried the prusa slcer with MC 1.75 and it seemed to be ok, worked pretty much like the MC slicer.

  • Guess I will revisit that. The problem I had was it always wiped out the Volumetric E setting Plus I had to rename the exe to Slic3r

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