Resume print jammed the hot end into the print bed

  • Just when you think things are going well, I decided it was time to take my new roll of ABS for a spin. Set up a brand new Buildtak surface, load the filament and squeeze out the old until the new runs clear. Level the print bed and start a test print. It homes properly, comes up to temp and goes to print the first "clean the head" line, stops half way and says I am out of filament. Check it all out and no it looks good so click "Resume", it drops a little lower, stops again with the same error. I click "Resume" again and then drives the hot end into the edge of the print bed and tries to drag is across mangling the level pin slightly and finishing of the holding bracket that was already somewhat melted.

    Luck for me I had a NylonG bracket built so spent the morning replacing parts and setting up again, back to NylonG to print another hotend bracket before I do anything else. It's currently printing away happily like nothing had happened.

    So what is the proper procedure when this "Out of Filament" error pops up when there is no reason for it? Do I clear everything, unload and reload and begin anew print? Or am I missing something when it comes to resuming a print?

  • Check the Pause and resme settings in the Gcode section

  • I will take a look, I guess I am more concerned about these "out of filament" messages when it's loaded and ready to roll.

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