should I risk updating

  • Hi,
    Anyone knows what was changed. 6 right now is working - with the known quirks so I'd like to know what was changed and if the possible benefits are worth the risk of hitting the update button. Anyone try it yet?

  • If you are happy with it so far, I see no reason not to.
    Personally I do not like version 2 at all, tried it , but have reverted back to V1.75.
    If I could install it on my computer without it wiping out v1.75, then I would play with it some.

  • Not happy at all. Only use it to level the bed slice with SLIC3R. But even there are some problems especially if there is an error. Question is did they fix some and if yes which new ones were added. time before last it would not read any Gcode file and there is hardly a way to got back to a prior version unless somewhere you find the old install file. So question is if I hit update am I going to be better off or worse or maybe the same as the only thing they changed is to hide one of the features someplace else without telling anyone

  • Unfortunately I can be of any help.
    But the fact that so many bits are hidden away is the reason I did not like it.I use control v1.75 to print with but use S3D to slice, simply because of the better support structure, Which in my HO sucks in matter control which ever version you use

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