Getting Started information missing...

  • On the getting started page here:

    Under section 9 it lists the following:

    • Filament > Temperature: Separated into first layer/other layers, this setting will dependant on your material. If you find that your filament has trouble sticking to the bed, try setting the temperature a few degrees hotter for the first layer than the rest of the layers.

    Emphasis added for the settings I can't find. There is nothing in the Filament > Temperature section for first layer. Was this removed for some reason and never corrected in the getting started guide? If it was removed, why? I was hoping to use the first layer settings.

  • Sorry about that. The article is outdated. That setting was removed some time ago because we found that there was very little use in setting a different temperature for the first layer. If you still need to do that, though, you can change your slicing engine from MatterSlice to Slic3r. It has that option.

  • So having separate temps for the first layer doesn't make any difference in prints? I was just curious about using it because others I know use Simplify3d and it allows them to select different temps for different layers. Most use a higher temp for the firs t3 layers then drop it down and start the fan. I assumed there was a good reason for it.

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