the export button seems to be broken

  • I have a problem with the export button in mattercontrol. It doesn´t react to my mous click.
    I have tried it via: the bed menu, right klick on the objekt and in the library. Allways the same result: no reaktion what so ever, not even a error.
    Allso I tried reinstelling the program on two Computers.
    Saving my files as in mcx works though, but I need it in stl.

    Did annyone had the same problem?

  • Same thing, just posted.

  • MatterHackers

    Sorry about that.

    You need to have a printer setup for this to work. We have filed a bug for this issue and will make sure that you can export from a design tab without setting up a printer.

    If all you want to do is export STLs it does not matter what printer you setup.

    Thank you.

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